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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Escapism: Now, Forager 4

Oh ho, ho! Perhaps you thought in my scatterbrained, holiday-having, child-rearing, gypsy-migrations I might have forgotten about this much anticipated film? If you did, you underestimate the power of this bee in my bonnet.

First of all, if this is the first time you are reading about this movie, perhaps you might like to read my previous Now, Forager  posts 1, 2 & 3. That'll get you all caught up on the film concept, let you see some trailers, etc. If you are already familiar (& perhaps even growing weary of this topic), then onward with the update!

Now, Forager logo, from Now Forager Facebook.
Did you give them some of your lunch money like I suggested? If you did, then maybe you will be receiving a nifty t-shirt or tote bag with the Now, Forager  morel woodcut logo. Hubby really wanted a shirt, so he made two donations. One to get a copy of the film (since we live nowhere near a venue where we might actually see it on the big screen) & another so he could get his nifty tee. Now he can rock his shirt in support of the Now Forager  team & know what he is talking about -- clever Hubby. 

If you have been stalking me, stalking them, you know they took the film to Poland to be featured at Gotham in Progress, the first European industry event focused entirely on US independent films (in association with The American Film Festival). Many good things happened there, including the film being awarded Special Jury Recognition at the Gotham in Progress market. Jason & Julia also landed an online video interview with Gazeta Wroclaw, Poland's largest newspaper. Here they discuss how the Gotham In Progress program helps make films like this possible:

O Gotham in Progress opowiada Jason Cortlund i Julia Harperin
Funny. I have that very same Lucky Brand shirt Jason is wearing. Perhaps it is a mycophile thing.

Many more good things happened in Wroclaw, but I'll let them tell you about it. See their blog post, "NOW, FORAGER: Poland and Post-Poland..." to read the whole story.

Image from Now Forager Facebook.
Fast-forward to the end of December. In their "World Premiere: Rotterdam" blog post, the Now Forager team shares the following good news: "That's right. We have a world premiere. Now, Forager has been invited to screen at International Film Festival Rotterdam. They're saying the official lineup won't be released until January 19th... In the meantime, though, they sent me this snazzy little piece of artwork to share..." (emphasis mine) In addition, they snagged themselves a helpful co-production team... in Poland. Somehow that makes sense to me. In Poland, mushrooms get a great deal more reverence & respect. I suspect the same goes for indie filmmakers too.

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