Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wandering: Waiting, Worrying on the Cusp

Heart/Yoni/Cup Fungi.
Heart/Yoni/Cup Fungi. 

I don't ever recall chomping at the bit quite so hard whilst waiting for the Hunt

It is probably because I/we know this Winter was awfully warm & dry.
And the Spring was awfully warm & dry.
And the Summer has been awfully warm & dry.

And I think we are all just a little afraid that They might not return.

And then, without Them, who would we be? 

Who would I be?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What She Said. (About the betterment of mankind.)

What she said.
What she said.
What she said.

"...I think this age of automation, is a case of man in flight from himself and I feel that if any one art can bring him [mankind] back to himself, it is the dance... because rhythm is what creates the Universe and everything in it... 
In a world gone mad, let those who have listened to the divine, those who have ever moved in the rhythm of inward joy, must dance now.  Let us not wait for the world to be better, let us help to make it better." -- Ruth St. Denis

Her discussion, beginning at 2:15.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Idols & Animism. Wherein Lies the Power?

A portion of the large shrine at a Women's Mysteries ceremony,  a shrine populated by many, many persons.
A portion of the large shrine at a Women's Mysteries ceremony,
a shrine populated by many, many persons.

Goddess figure.
Goddess figure.
This week I was assigned the job of taking photographs at a Women's Mysteries ceremony where a large credenza was filled with images, symbolic representations & figures of goddess forms. The task gave me pause to consider a simple question with no clear answer: Wherein lies the strength of an idol, icon or other symbolic object?  

Surely some would quite automatically argue that the power lies in the deity/spirit the idol represents, in the connection or entanglement to the godform or spirit, but as a photographer & animist, I would argue differently. Or rather, I would argue that while there is indeed often an external influence present, there is also something else.

Goddess figure.  Possibly Blodeuwedd.
Goddess figure.
Possibly Blodeuwedd.
When you spend years behind a macro lens, you invariably see that something else -- something in the small worlds that tells you that these "things" or, as I prefer these persons, have their own strength that resides within, independent of external correspondences. They have an identity, speech & attitude of their own -- if you ask them, they will tell you so. 

Moving across the terrain of this latest spiritual assemblage was no exception -- even the offerings had something to say. (Note: It may seem peculiar, but the little figure dedicated to Bast had a particularly strong character & later as I sorted photos, "he" [owner's designation] seemed to dominate my photos.)

So, while I do not deny the potency & influence of the godform which inspired a specific icon, I also cannot deny the inner sprit of the "things" which represent them. It may not be obvious to the casual observer of these images, but for me, just looking at their photographs tells me so many secrets. 

And if the truth is to be told, I must confess that I am not sure which was more personally compelling that evening; the women & their stories, the ceremony & it's story, or the opportunity to be in the presence of (& the honour of photographing) some incredibly beautiful, beloved & dynamic "object persons" with so many stories of their own.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Outhouse. A Pagan one, no less.

This is pretty far outside my normal scope of posting, but the story hit my irony buttons in a variety of ways.

And for those of you who were wondering about the state of affaires out on "The Land" where the fire wiped out our Summer Solstice Festival site, this will paint a pretty clear picture:

EDIT:  I found an old photo from inside the women's outhouse which unfortunately didn't survive... also ironic. 

Room with a view:  Former Women's Outhouse door from PCC-AK.
Room with a view:
Former Women's Outhouse door from PCC-AK.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nyx Scraps: Installment I

Scatter here, scatter there, scatter, scatter everywhere... so many pieces, all of which make a Whole, but sometimes might appear disparate to the outside observer.

I have prepared some (among many, so very many!) additions for the the Nyx Devotional Gallery page. Perhaps I do this now, at this time, in recognition of the tipping of the year back towards Her time of dominance. Perhaps it is at the prompting of the poppies which are now in full bloom...

Poppy, from our small devotional garden.
Poppy, from our modest devotional garden. 

Since I am doing this en masse & I have what I think is an interesting multi-media array, I thought it might be worthy of a quick note here. 

Nyktos Moleskin. By Edgar Invoker of DeviantArt.
By Edgar Invoker of DeviantArt.

Nyx Color Work Sketch. By Laura "Pelick" Siadak.
Color Work Sketch.
By Laura "Pelick" Siadak.

By Jeff Wack.
New Media: digital and acyrlic on Canvas.

Embellished giclee prints available at Sensuous Muse.

Bust of Nyx Henri Weigele, French sculptor, 1858 - 1927 Bronze / Onyx (If only I had the spare cash: She Would Be Mine)
Bust of Nyx
Henri Weigele, French sculptor, 1858 - 1927
Bronze / Onyx
(If only I had the spare cash: She Would Be Mine)

Night Henri Weigele, French sculptor, 1858 - 1927 White marble, marble Auction details at Invaluable.Night Henri Weigele, French sculptor, 1858 - 1927 White marble, marble Auction details at Invaluable.
Henri Weigele, French sculptor, 1858 - 1927
White marble, marble
Auction details at Invaluable.

Nyx (or Selene)
Artist unknown, Roman, 100-1 BCE.
Bronze statue.
"Cloak billowing behind and toes pointed for landing, the Goddess
 of the Night is fully dressed and carries an object in her right hand that
may be part of a torch; perhaps the moon-goddess Selene.
Currently on view at the Getty Foundation's Getty Villa, USA

Nyx Photograph. No attribution available.  (If you have one, please notify me.)
No attribution available.
(If you have one, please notify me.)
Nyx Mask
By Cyndy Salisbury
Image credit: Hermetic Library Blog Archives.

The goddess Nyx
By Cyndy Salisbury
Image credit: TheArtOfTheMask Etsy Store.

Nyx with Veil of Night By Cyndy Salisbury Image credit: Fantast in Focus: Cyndy Salisbury, at the Thinker's Garden
Nyx with Veil of Night
By Cyndy Salisbury
Image credit: Fantast in Focus: Cyndy Salisbury, at the Thinker's Garden

Lyrics to above recording:

Orphic Hymn to Nyx - Mother of the Gods
Mother of the Gods
I sing to You
Mother of humankind
who gave birth to all
and who is also known as Kypris
hail blesséd Goddess
indigo luminescence
lit by starlight
You who love silence
and deep peaceful sleep
who loves all-night rituals
Mother of Dreams
You help us forget our troubles
Holy One
You grant us rest from work
giver of sleep
You who are loved by all
shining by night
chthonian as well as celestial
Your cosmic dance shapes our fate
You shine upon the earth
and Your light reaches into Hades
for You, Ananke
are all-powerful
but now, Blesséd Goddess
I call
You of many treasures
every creature yearns for You
Gracious One
hear our words of supplication
come to us,
propitious one
and put to flight
our fear of the night
Creatrix ...
Creatrix ...
translation by Andonis Theodoros

Monday, July 6, 2015

"When I am an (not so) old woman I shall wear (a) purple (Faerie costume... in a public park)." Or, don't wait to surrender your ego.

The key to truly relishing a moment is not to concern one’s Ego with how you may appear to the casual observer…” 

Skeptical Faerie, or something.
Skeptical Faerie, or something.

Especially if you are dressed like a Sugar Plum Fairy. 

One of my cherished like-mindeds had reminded me that I said that once. Today I would like to add a clarification. 

And don't wait until a new, more comfortable or convenient moment arrives. Do it now.

Dance seems to be my Great Teacher in this.

Dance. Don't Think. Especially about other folks -- human or otherwise -- who may be watching (or not, because it IS a bit narcissistic to assume folks are watching you all the time). 
"A chaotic mind in a body that has been forced into some extreme arrangement is pointless. So though I know I'm never going to be very physically adept at shaping my body into beautiful and graceful asana, I enjoy the mind-body work and seeing its benefits manifesting elsewhere in my life." --AB
When we are preoccupied with trying to be something impressive to the external eye, we are chaotic. When we are busy berating ourselves for our imperfections, obsessing over shortcomings that others may or may not perceive or doubting our likability we are chaotic. When we are fraught with shyness & self-conscious thoughts, we are chaotic. 

There is no doorway to ecstasy, no tapping the spirit world, no Tarab to be found in this ego-driven, self-limiting chaos of the mind. This is not the road to "seeing (your practice's) benefits manifesting elsewhere in (your) life." The key to growth, to freedom lies elsewhere.

I am a chaos-rider. I admit it. But I must emphasize: choose your chaos wisely & make sure you're the rider, not the horse. 

The maenads were expert chaos riders. Do you think that in their ecstasis, even for a single moment, they considered what other folks thought about how they looked?

Dance, my teacher. A maenad as well perhaps.  A moment of Tarab courtesy Joanna Saahirah Facebook page.
Dance, my teacher. Maenad as well, perhaps.
A moment of Tarab courtesy Joana Saahirah Facebook page

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Wandering: Among the Ancients (With a lesson in one-at-a-time.)

Fiddleheads unfurling toward the Sun.
Fiddleheads unfurling toward the Sun. 

This one is for the files.

Our mycophile clan has been slowly working on establishing relationships with other members of the boreal forest -- the plant life in particular (probably in part because they don't run away when you approach them!) In mid May, we spent a day with our eyes to the Ancients. It was a relatively warm Sproing afternoon in the Alaskan boreal forest, slanted sunlight dappling trees, soil & the emerging leafy ground cover. We were in search of three plants in particular, ancient plants, food plants


Horsetail, Equisetum spp.

I once described them thusly: "...ancient, self-possessed, horsetails of the Paleozoic..." I would say that this characterization stands justified, particularly the self-possessed part. There is something imperturbable & untroubled about them. They can mingle with the roadside weeds & invasive plants of disturbed sites just as easily as they thrive among the native plants of the forest floor.

Horsetail, Equisetum, spp.
Horsetail, Equisetum, spp. 
The window for collecting horsetails as a food plant is small. Only while they are spring budding shoots with branches pointing skyward are they viable for consumption. At this time they can also be gathered for tea. But once they begin to develop oxalate crystals on their outer surfaces they are only safe for external uses such as hair tonic. I like gazing down onto their sunburst-like branch-pattern. It is a bit hypnotic & I find myself wondering what there is to discover at the end of their tiny green ladders.


Fiddleheads, nonspecific (or, more specifically [honestly], I haven't keyed them out yet)

Cretaceous, perhaps even Devonian critters. Just what have they witnessed over the millennia? 

Fiddlehead fern. Like the nautilus & Time itself, a sacred spiral.
Fiddlehead fern.
Like the nautilus & Time itself, a sacred spiral.

I have always felt that ferns are a bit like cats. The youthful fiddle heads emerge lively, cheery & sociable while the mature fern plants grow more reserved, quiet & self-contained. Always soft & magickal are the ferns, but their approachability shifts with age. 


Devil's Club, Oplopanax horridus

"Make sure you take a deep breath of its intoxicating ginseng scent. Make friends with this plant as I have and you will delight in it rather than fearing it." -- Tom Heutte, from the USDA Forest Service website

Devil's Club leaf bud,  Oplopanax horridus
Devil's Club leaf bud,
Oplopanax horridus
Like so many things, this pervasive, rugged beauty is terribly misunderstood. While the Devil's Club (aka "Alaskan Ginseng," but it is not a ginseng) plants are indeed foreboding in their maturity, in early spring when their delicate green buds & shoots appear, they exude an unexpected vulnerability. And indeed, these plants are vulnerable -- to human impact. Taking the ground shoots from Devil's Club plants can seriously compromise their slow reproduction. Instead, we choose to focus on a small number of leaf buds instead. Taking a walk in a sea of Devil's Club is like traveling through time, pure magic

"Don't bite off more than you can chew."

A recurrent lesson in foraging, as in Life. That evening we made some sublime Devil's Club sauté, lightly cooked with some sweet onions. They have a gentle, surprisingly pine-like flavour. But the fiddleheads & the horsetail remained in their refrigerator containers for a long time, strangely never spoiling, but certainly losing their vibrance. Enthusiasm must remain checked. I have always maintained a policy of deeply learning only one or two fungi species a season & never harvesting more than we can clean & prepare within adequate time time. I see how this translates to the plant kingdom as well. This is a lifetime endeavour & there is no reward at the end of the quick road or the overly abundant harvest. 

Lesson (review) noted. 

Devil's Club, Oplopanax horridus leaf shoots sautéed with sweet onion.
Devil's Club, Oplopanax horridus leaf shoots sautéed with sweet onion.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

"I Miss the Moon."

Midnight or rather, 10:00 pm Sun.
Midnight or rather, 10:00 pm Sun. 

What she said.

The local Wiccan/Witch cohort (or one of them anyway) has a monthly gathering they call a "Wine & Cheese Moot." What "moot" means to them exactly I am not sure as it seems to vary. But, as the caretaker of the community center I sometimes take advantage of the opportunity join them for wine & cheese & something.

At the most recent Wine & Cheese Moot, there were three new visitors. All of them were women (not really surprising) & all of them were incredible talkers (which is a bit surprising). Because of this, there was much talk & talk & talk. I am not sure how much of that long & vocal evening I could recall with any real accuracy, but I can remember when one of these new, unfamiliar voices lamented:

"I miss the Moon."

I couldn't even tell you which woman said it, but I'm with her.

This Sun. This SUN. I have decided that the most disruptive thing about a Sun which refuses to set is just how much it gets in the way of the Moon... 

However, I decided this week that instead of berating myself for my neglectful Lunar devotionals & general feelings of Lunar Esbat ennui during the highest Summer months (it does seem to be a pattern if I cannot be in the Desert), I need to find something better to do with that energy. 

Not sure what that will look like. But it will look like something. 

In the meantime, I can relish the brief midday peeks at the Lady as she shifts Her shrouding to & fro, & look forward to the tipping of the scales again in Her favour. 

Oh, yes & I will enjoy that Sun, because next thing you know I will be griping again about all the Darkness. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

For the Files: Oneiric Record Keeping

Dreamwork journals for Rite of Oneiric Insight participants.
Dreamwork journals for Rite of Oneiric Insight participants.

On May 23 I hosted a second Rite of Oneiric Insight. It seems to me it is important to keep record of these, or something. 

This time I kept the arrangements & ceremonial format the same, but I made the journals myself because I could not find any that suited my sense of aesthetic or purpose. Maybe this was best anyways, because I found the process of creation meditative & revealing. I am finding art & ceremony are inseparable for me.

People resemble cats when it comes to certain kinds of commitments. Inside, outside, inside, outside... ad nauseam. I prefer it when people do not make commitments until they are certain & actually committed. This may be more common with commitments that cause a feeling of ambiguity. I understand a fear of the unknown -- I have it too, plenty -- but do not engage me with it. Instead, rather, come to me when you have surrendered to your decision -- when you have decided you are in it to win it, not when you are still doing the hokey pokey. 

I always disliked that dance.

At the end of two weeks of hokey pokey, one woman (out of four) attended this particular rite. She was in it to win it & in the end of it all, she was the only one who was supposed to be there. We must trust in these things. 

I plan to repeat this rite using this format one more time (why? I don't know, I just know), then I will likely work another meditation, perhaps one more closely tied to manifesting. Perhaps there will be other changes as well. Also as time progresses, I will continue to add to the Dream Shrine which has already evolved significantly. 

Static does not seem to me to be the natural way of things, but rather subtle, sensible evolution should be allowed to occur, organically, spontaneously. There is always room for thoughtful, conscious adjustment. This, among other things is what distinguishes my work from that of a traditionalist. I cannot claim a pedigree or even a pedagogy. I can only claim what is mine.  

Dreamwork journal bindings:
"Alis volat propriis," "She flies with her own wings."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Smiteful Elementals. Or, We're On Fire Up Here. No, Really. Or, Magick Sucks Sometimes.

Elementals. Impersonal, unruly.
I have mentioned it before, but obviously, the scale was quite different. 

This place is on fire.

AICC Active fire map, June 17 2015.
Currently there are 52 active wildfires burning in the state of Alaska.

And while I say impersonal, it feels personal in an I-cannot-quite-put-my finger-on-it sort of way. 
And I am sure it feels very personal to all the mushers out there who have lost "everything."


I am reminded here that while the fires have lain waste to "everything," they have caused few injuries or casualties thus far, at least for humans & their closest companions. But my heart aches for the sled dogs who perished & their people who lost them to the Sockeye fire.

And no, I have not forgotten the wildlife. But that is a hopeless rabbit hole of despair I choose to avoid.

And this fire -- the Sockeye in particular -- it is most ironic. (Iconic too, but the media has that point covered.) And, regrettably personal.

Let us look more closely. The main fire map looks like this:

Detailed Map of Sockeye Fire #282 from Alaska Wildfire Information
Detailed Map of Sockeye Fire #282
from Alaska Wildfire Information

But let us examine section A, milepost 77, the starting point for the fire:

Map of Sockeye Fire #282, Section A  from Alaska Wildfire Information.
Map of Sockeye Fire #282, Section A
from Alaska Wildfire Information.

The fire was named "Sockeye" for the road on which the ignition point is located (see map). But notice that Sockeye Road gives access to a road called Landlocked... This road (ironically) named Landlocked is the address of our community retreat center... The home of the annual Summer Solstice festival.

Entrance sign for the PCC-AK.  Image courtesy PCC-AK website.
Entrance sign for the PCC-AK.
Image courtesy PCC-AK website

And, ironically or not, our Fire Tribe (a fire magick & safety crew) was making final preparations at the PCC-AK, also called "The Land," when the fire began (likely the result of neighbors with fireworks). Our folks made the second call to report the fire. They were also very fortunate to escape, because as the name of the road implies, they were "Landlocked" behind the ignition point. 

And so, while last Solstice looked like this:

Dancing around the fire, Solstice 2014. Note the red suspenders, a designation of Fire Tribe, safety on active duty.
Dancing around the fire, Solstice 2014.
Note the red suspenders, a designation of Fire Tribe,
safety on active duty.

This year, it likely will look more like this:

Sockeye Fire. Image credit: Marc Lester/ADN
Sockeye Fire. Image credit: Marc Lester/ADN

And I cannot help but wonder at all the energy behind this. Energy on many, many levels. So many levels -- from global fossil fuel energy, to the relentless heat of this Midsummer Sun, to the fever of recent interpersonal tensions. 

And this leaves me at this text I received after the fire erupted from a shrewd friend of very like mind:

"Magick sucks sometimes."

Indeed, brother.
Ignition was imminent.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What She Said. (About Animism.)

"Everything in nature has a voice, a consciousness. Try to quiet the chatter in your mind enough to notice it. Can you hear the trees, the flowers, the rock, or the ant? What are they saying to you?" -- Theresa Rose, Opening the Kimono

We've been back outside, wandering.  

What pleasure, what joy! I feel real again & again.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Moonrise in a Dreamworld

Fresh from a night of adventure, not the least of which was this outstanding moment:

We are descending a mountainous region in the tropics. My husband & others are in the lead, while I am taking the rear, following behind the partner of a girlfriend. I am under the impression that we are in Jamaica, although I have never been to Jamaica, nor do I know if it is in fact mountainous. (The environs very much resemble Dominica for which I have great fondness). 
It is night & quite dark, yet somehow we are still able to navigate & negotiate the trek. 
We are coming upon a sizable ravine spanned by a wooden suspension bridge. The front of the party has already made their passage across the slatted, aerial walkway -- J & myself have yet to make the traverse. Just as we reach the lip of the crevasse, he abruptly stops, reaching his hand back in a silent gesture to wait. 
He tilts his head, looking upward -- to the sky? To the top of the unnaturally large (also admittedly out of context) black spruce across the gorge? Using something as his guide marker(s), he points his finger up and in a short arc down to a particular point along the distant, mountainous horizon.
As if on cue -- save for a moment's hesitation (fashionably late?) -- the Moon begins to crest the dark ridge, glowing, resplendent. Our ever familiar, luminous beauty.  For a moment we watch Her rise in silence & I wonder to myself how it is that he knows Her so well, for it seems a bit out of character. Then, as if answering an unspoken command, we both grab our cameras & play paparazzi to the Moon.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Poetry for the Esbat: SPROING! Moon. 2015

Tonight's Moon. Placidly watching the SPROING from a distance.
Tonight's Moon. Placidly watching the SPROING from a distance.

The Sun's sweeping arc shifts rapidly, severely --
it will make mayhem for as long as this lasts.
The Night has taken to dragging her starry cloak elsewhere,
while Lady Moon slides about in the pallid sky, ever patient, 
I like to think she is smoothing creases in her shift,
awaiting her turn...

The days are long, long, longSPROING! The winding-up of crazed Alaskan summer antics begins NOW (or perhaps yesterday, while you were distracted). Human kind is frenetic. The signs are clear: two neighbor's trucks totaled in as many days. Countless other accidents in the nearby streets. You might think there was snow, but nay, it is Spring! that has sprung in the Last Frontier & the people are already quite mad. The same applies to the rest of the lot -- children of Flora & Fauna -- as well. Everyone clamoring under the Sun.

Now the birds, they continue their songs past the witching hour.
Soon, the plants will grow at night. 

We are thrumming -- a hive, alive!

Which is why I get SO much glee from knowing there is this flower out there somewhere who dances to the beat of the subtler Lunar rhythm... Ephedra foeminia.

"Two researchers from Stockholm University accidentally discovered that pollination in a species of Ephedra – the gymnosperm Ephedra foeminea is correlated with the full moon. The finding is a first for the plant world. No other plant has been found to wait for the full moon to activate pollinators, including Ephedra distachya, a very close relative, which relies on wind to carry its pollen.
The plant is pollinated by nocturnal flies and moths, and these insects may utilize the moon to navigate in the dark. Further, the spectacular reflection of the full moon’s light in the pollination drops glistening at the top of the plant probably attracts the insects to the cones." -- Plant’s pollination synchronized with full moon, EarthSky

Pollination in the Gnetales.  Image credit: Rydin & Bolinder,  Moonlight pollination in the gymnosperm Ephedra (Gnetales)
Pollination in the Gnetales. E. feminine at right.
Image credit: Rydin & Bolinder,
Moonlight pollination in the gymnosperm Ephedra (Gnetales)

(If you are a source material kind of critter, see their paper in Biology Letters: Moonlight pollination in the gymnosperm Ephedra (Gnetales).)

I prefer this approach -- courting moths & harmonizing with a gentle, nocturnal rhythm. Not that I dismiss the unwavering heat of the summer Sun. Oh, I do relish every moment under those rays! (And if they find me in a yawning desert, even better.) But there is a stillness, a mindfulness that arrives with the Moon & this is the sacred-secret (also the secret-sacred). Quiet, it is much more than the absence of sound. 

This brings me to the poetry for this Esbat, a quiet-flower-Moon poem by performer, writer, director, poet, and artist Bernard Bragg. In the video below, Bragg translates the poem “Flowers and Moonlight on the Spring Water” into what he has coined “Rarefied ASL.” This piece is simply brilliant. I have included two versions, the first being my personal favourite. The second includes an introduction by Mr. Bragg & subtitles, not that one would need them given his unambiguous & sincere rendering. 

To read the original inspiration for this work, an ancient poem by Zhang Ruoxw Chang Jo-Hsü (c. 660-c.720), visit here: "Spring, River, and Flowers on a Moonlit Night." (Here for hànzì.)

Blessings to you this Esbat, my friends.

Monday, April 27, 2015

What He Said. (About simplicity.)

"My dearest, I will now explain the only safe and true formula, the destroyer of the darkness of the World, the most secret among all secrets. Let it be secret to him who would attain. Let it cover any period of time, depending on his conception. There is no qualification, nor ritual or ceremony. His very existence symbolising all that is necessary to perfection. Most emphatically, there is no need of repetition or feeble imitation. You are alive!" 
-- Austin Osman Spare, The Book of Pleasure (Self Love) 
There are no words for how wild I am about this mad man's writings. How had I overlooked this crazy cat man for so many years? 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

For the Files: Beware the Stick Figures

Stick Figures: Ridiculous. Ridiculously potent.
Stick Figures: Ridiculous.
Ridiculously potent.
I have mentioned Stick Figure Manifesting before. This serves as a reminder to myself (& to anyone else who may also experience this phenomenon): Beware the stick figures! Like sigils, they manifest (a little too effectively perhaps). They may not be at all sexy like a full blown ceremonial magick-style sigil meticulously created using an appropriate astronomical kamea & embellished with biblical &/or other obscure & ancient words of wisdom to then be obsessively scribed or etched onto some rare metal, parchment or other critter skin & finally, laboriously consecrated with a gloriously elaborate circle-shaped ceremony... but they work. 
Oh, my, how they work...

✼ ✼ ✼

Greet the Sun — Morning Movement & Offering 
Join Resh Keljesh and yoga instructor Kathryn for a collective expression of gratitude to and celebration of the Solar Source. Awaken, energize and connect with your community mates through guided group movement. Share in thankfulness and reverence while the Resh K’eljesh devotional dance troupe makes offerings to the Sun through rhythmic gestures and dance. Feel the light stir within and without as we rise, rejoice and build a conduit to facilitate warmth and harmony together.  — Hosted by Resh K’eljesh

Manifesting with Movement: Whole Body Symbol & Sigil Magick with Moma Fauna 
Both workshops described below are condensed previews of a multi-week, intensive series to be offered at a future time. 
Part 1: This preparatory workshop establishes a general framework for the “movement manifesting” concepts in Part 2 by exploring a variety of magickal principles, attitudes and approaches employed in symbol-focused magick. Among the many concepts covered in Part 1 will be definitions and implementation of amulets, talismans and sigils throughout history and cross culturally, a comparison of theories and strategies for executing sigil/symbols in manifesting operations and practical devices for creation of magickal analogies.  
Part 2: During this second workshop, we will begin to transfer and apply the principles from Part 1 to three dimensional space and somatic movement. We will explore concepts of visualization, geometry, dimensional orientation, personal creativity, style and repertoire, harnessing muscle memory for “organic belief” or a “magickal forgetfulness.” We will also take time to consider and discuss the implications of embodiment as magickal operation for both individuals and groups.

✼ ✼ ✼

And I swore I would keep it simple at this Summer Solstice festival.

Beware the stick figures!

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