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Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

For the Files: What She Said. (About embodiment.)

Embodiment. Simply, wonderfully weird.
Image gratefully borrowed from "the constant conundrum."

"We are too much held hostage by reason, and yet snared by our animal natures. The mythic dimension has receded from our lives and consciousness just as the stars have withdrawn into the infinite depths of the heavens. As the majority of modern people are cut off from this primal relationship with the stars by light pollution, so too we are no longer nourished by the coursing of the mythic through our veins. In the same way, the light of reason has obscured the dark wisdom of the body. 
The mythic transcends both the reason and the animal. It is divine. It transcends the dichotomy of finite and infinite, of mortal and immortal. Through myth, the divine and the daemonic enter the world, in the body of the player – whether actor, shaman, dancer, priest, bacchant, maenad, or artist." -- Text from Alkistis Dimech's presentation at: A Pleasure Dome  2012.

The rest of the transcript can be found over at Scarlet Imprint, in the article "B A B A L O N - Embodiment of Mystery." It is among one of the best pieces I have stumbled upon in the ether as of late, even if Babalon Herself does not particularly move me. At all. But, I believe the principle of moving "...from myth towards a method" applies for any permutation of spiritual/reverential/devotional relationship. I'm working on it.

I have been wondering what feral embodiment looks like.
From the outside, I think it probably looks quite awkward & strange.
Like goofy humans overjoyed & overcome by trees.
On the inside, it feels awkward -- at least at first -- but also, sublimely beautiful.
Like honesty.

This morning I watched a film posted by my clever friend at "the constant conundrum." Feral embodiment precisely. Awkward. Beautiful. Honest.

(Thank you naomi.)


nature said...

Thank you! HUGS- naomi

Heather Awen said...

I have been working a lot on embodiment, being an animist who believes in the sacred material. With my health related stuff and awareness of the need for tangiblility, not talking heads or internet, I got interested in the embodiment stuff some animists are doing in the UK. But none have health problems. They do not have chronic pain. Really did not relate to me. Being in an MCS bubble I have very little I can touch. My body is one thing/person. Food is another. Modern life tries to force us away from embodiment, from hunger, from pain, from natural rhythms, from touch, from movement, from breathing, from awareness. Love to read this.

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