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Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Announcement: Animist Blog Carnival

Announcing the "Animist Blog Carnival" coming soon to a cyber terminal near you.
Image: "Kinderleben in Liedern und Bildern'' Wolfgang Müller und Theodor Mintrop.
Courtesy Wiki Commons, tweaked slightly by yours truly.
I am not much of a joiner. So, when I was asked to participate in the upcoming "Animist Blog Carnival" I hemmed & hawed a bit about time & commitment & logistics. Much like an untrained bovid I required coaxing & convincing, but in the end, the pocketful of animists had me. 

Besides, everyone loves a parade.

The Carnival will begin next month over at Adventures in Animism & will continue onward each month, visiting a diverse collection of blogs like Glen Gordon's PostPagan, Natural Pantheist Musings, Green Shinto, etc. 

The prompts are chosen by the hosts & are devised to be open-ended, thus allowing for the greatest number of interpretations: for example; water, science, climate, art, parenting, bodies, religion, technology, soil, magick, rites of passage, being animal, health, etc. Ooooh, big open swaths of Idea.

You can read more about it at this announcement, but the short version is:
"Each month it is like an online magazine on animism and one topic, but
the place it is hosted is different, not centralized. Like a carnival
it travels...
Why? To show the diversity of animism and to promote blogs to people
who might be interested but did not know of them. I personally feel
strongly that no matter what religion a person is the basic values and
beliefs and actions of animism can greatly repair the human false
separation from the world which would have amazing (good) impact on
many human created problems.
There is no commitment to "attend" the carnival every month (except for the month you are hosting!) or make your posts epic, soul-wrenching, bloodletting efforts & with such a latitudinarian approach to the topics (would you expect anything else from a gaggle of animists?) authors who contribute should never feel locked in the blogosphere doldrums. 

If you are an animist writer, or if you tend to include animist themes in your writings & are interested in hopping on the wagon, contact Heather Awen via Glen Gordon. Or, if you are shy, contact me & I will get you a ticket to ride.

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