Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Way She Moves (Us)

On June 3, 2012 at 4:27 PM you said:

"...never thought of the Moon as transit, but of course it is- that cyclical waning and waxing crossing the sky and the directions-rising more South in this summer and more north east by winter. I have always interpreted the card as the light or illumination of the dark, that which we perhaps would rather not see or are unable to see. I love the idea of it as directed movement, coming out of the dark, light. Travel safely dear kindred."

At the time, I could not find the words to explain what looks like orchestration. I tried, mostly in vain, to use an "undertow" as an analogy. But things have a way of revealing themselves with reflection...

She Who Makes Change by Degrees: 
The Shepherdess's direction is so measured, so studied & so subtle that you can only see it if you look backwards.

Shepherdess. Moon.


  1. and what is the movement of reflection? If we only see something on the inside or the changes are invisible I still believe it exists. as in what we sense. like how essences work on a vibrational level, so too your words, images and ideas have shaped me. xox

    1. Like Rescue Remedy in a cup on the bedside, untouched.

  2. Counterclockwise!!! YES! Counterclock-Whys. Widdershins? i don't know but its very evocative.. things fill out and die back, somehow.. beyond the clocks.. but all clocks are based on it. Some sort of epiphany has gotten a hold of me just reading this. Love it- Moony :D

    1. Is it a circle, or a spiral?
      I think it feels like a spiral, or rather, a double helix. But, what is on the opposite chain is a mystery to me.
      Are we being assembled, or pulled apart?
      Oh, see now naomi, you have *me* thinking ...

  3. the way we think has the possibility to take us to the moon and back in understanding moon energy tied to the seasons equinox.

    The quote is good offering new thoughts for me, especially the next to the last sentence. I like the this moon quote, "....directed movement, coming out of the dark, light." (

    Excellent post and photo.

    1. Oh, it pleases me that you find new thoughts in her words. She is among my muses.

      I am always trying so hard to "get out of my head" yet I continue to return to thought, reflection, sometimes navel-gazing... maybe that's ok since as you say, "the way we think has the possibility to take us to the moon and back..." If I focus on Relationship and Love, thoughts naturally become less about busyness & ease into enrichment and knowingness & that makes being in my head a good place (especially if it takes me to new & sublime places) if that makes any sense at all...

  4. As I sit waiting in this car, listening to the snore of the Changeling behind me & the snow-muffled squeals of children ahead, I am so enamoured with the varitey of ways in which you each have taken our words -- hers & mine -- & woven them into your own understanding. It gives me new pictures & ideas. More to consider. Reflections of reflections. Thank you.


May magick touch you today!

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