Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wind Moon. Dust Moon, rather.

From my sister's fence: Wind Moon 2012.

For the Lady.
This Moon: Fresh Banana Cake with a generous dusting of confectioner's sugar & a drizzling of Chocolate Ganache Glaze. Paired it with some Pendleton Canadian Whiskey... for the Lady only. (I prefer bourbon & this night is not a bourbon night.)

Pack up my suddenly-single-Moma self, children & many slices into that beloved old Volvo & go. Don't forget that camera... just in case. 

For community.
Cakes & missing persons. Leaving treats in empty houses. Nice thing about living in nowhere: not home? no problem, just step inside & leave it where they will find it. Locks are left unlatched... folks can't find their skeleton keys. 

Just turning the corner to my parent's house, the Little Lad shouts, "The MOON! The Moon is ORANGE!" "You must be seeing a street light," I say. "No! Over there!" Instantly, the little car is abandoned. Camera in hand, I careen across the dark street while Little Lad runs off in a panicked search for his Grands. Wrapped around my sister's fence, trying to steady myself & control the heavy breathing, I attempt to capture this juicy nocturnal orange hovering over the horizon. 

Gah! The camera hates me. 

Rooftop: Wind Moon 2012.
There is no time to waste. My father has an idea: climb onto my sister's roof. Brilliant. Again across the street, this time with Grands & Wee Folk in tow. Onto the roof. After copious poorly executed photos, the vivid colour wanes, our Lady's citrus blush has faded. The camera still hates me.

Still... amazing the frenzy She evokes. No?

Little Lad's BIG Book of Why says this about an Orange Moon: "The moon's color as seen from Earth depends on the amount of dust in the Earth's atmosphere. Sometimes the moon looks yellow or orange.

Guess that would be why we call Her the Wind moon... half the desert was in the sky this night.

A Juicy Nocturnal Orange: Wind Moon 2012.

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Kourtney said...

Great post! I very much enjoyed the recap of your evening with the wind moon!

Thanks for posting to PPBH!


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