Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poetry for the Esbat: Wind Moon 2012

Egg Eclipse by Putch Iman, available for purchase HERE.

... And now for something completely different.

Incubating Night by Ponti55 of DeviantArt.
The April Full Moon has a variety of names, many of which strike me as more quirky or humorous than those of the Moons of other months. It is in this unconventional spirit that I write this Esbat's tribute to Lady Moon. 

Personally, I am working with "Wind Moon," not because it is the most fun, but because in this bioregion, the wind is positively wicked at this time of year (as evidenced by the sea of shingles stripped from the carport & scattered across the yard). However, there are several other clever monikers to choose from & perhaps you are in a clime when the spirits are less tempestuous. Some call it the "Egg Moon." The explanations I have found for this are twofold: it is the full Moon before Easter & the hens are ramping up their production. Either way, I like the name quite a bit -- it conjures some terrific images. The Farmer's Almanac indicates that many coastal Native American tribes call it the "Full Fish Moon" because at this time shad are making their way to their spawning pools. 

There's also a whole slew of variations on the Spring-is-here, grass-is-growing, plants-are-budding-sprouting theme: "Full Sprouting Grass Moon," "Moon of the Red Grass Appearing,"  "New Spring Moon," "Big Spring Moon," "Moon of the Big Leaves," "Budding Moon of Plants & Shrubs," & quite simply, "Grass Moon" "Spring Moon," or "Flower Moon." I also uncovered a whole array of frog & goose related names which I will not bother to list here, lest this post get out of control. Also popular are names involving melting in its assorted incarnations, including the cleverly descriptive, "Broken Snowshoe Moon." "Pink Moon" is particularly popular. This name was chosen not because this Moon is pink, but rather it marks the blooming of phlox, or moss pink which is a relatively widespread, early bloomer. The Zuni, according to the WWUP, apparently call this Moon the "Great Sand Storm" Moon. Methinks they have a similar bioregion to mine... But of all the many & varied names, my personal favourite for this month is "Moon when the Wife had to Crack Bones for Marrow Fat." Now that's a name.

I have a favourite bookstore in the Land of Lost Wages called the Amber Unicorn. If you happen to be wandering the City of Sin anytime soon (or later), they can be found in the same mall as Trader Joe's on Decatur. Anyway, this establishment is owned by a delightful couple -- Myrna & Lou -- who really know their stuff. Their staff is made of awesome as well. They have a pretty epic "metaphysical" selection for a wee store & still more in their annex (which is really actually another storefront next door used for overflow storage). Many, many Moons ago, Lou owned a bookstore in California where he employed none other than the young & fair Scott Cunningham. This gives them some historical perspective & like I said, they know their stuff (& have no ego about it!). So, I just wanted to give them a little cheer from over here in the windstorm.

XVIII: The Moon from the Neuzeit Tarot.
One thing I particularly like about the Amber Unicorn is that they stock used tarot decks. This is most excellent for those of us who are in a chronic pursuit of OOP decks (& don't have a problem with other people's residue). This last visit, I picked up my most peculiar set of cards to date: The Neuzeit-Tarot / New Age Tarot by Walter Wegmuller. This deck is most unusual. Really. It has this bizarre, lightly psychedelic, cold-war era surrealism which is heavily influenced by Mr. Wegmuller's Swiss upbringing, his close affiliation with ethnologist Sergius Golowin & his long history among the Rom & other Gipsy tribes. The result is indescribably absorbing & utterly idiosyncratic. As a mycophile, I am particularly fond of the abundance of fungi hidden in the images. I like to play "find the mushrooms" with this deck. I am certain it will get plenty of use this way, even if I never use it in a single spread. This strange yet captivating deck turns out to be the perfect accompaniment for a very strange yet captivating poetic tribute to the Full Moon.

I found this poem months ago & just wasn't sure how to introduce it. I personally love it, but it is... shall we say, nontraditional? It is not a lilting ode to Her beauteousness, nor is it a cryptic reference to secret Moon-worshipping rites. It's just rich. Rich & clever. It is also strange & captivating with a touch of humour. Better still, it includes a brazen reference to fungi. Therefore, it's a winner in my book. I have waited for this perfect, quirky Moon & this perfect, peculiar deck, so now it is time for the perfect poetry for this Esbat. I do believe She will approve:

Caroline Cabrera is an MFA candidate at my beloved alma mater, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She also has the pleasure of teaching writing in that place I am so lucky to have once called home (still do, in a peculiar sort of way).

        Full Moon Poem
by Caroline Cabrera 
I am me
but I have this sea monster belly
with an underwater village inside. 
It’s this tank anyone can just look into.
In case you’re confused,
this is a reef, people,
and there’s a statue of Jesus
over there by the lemon shark
with his little algaed arms outstretched.
Fire anemones bloom
like false chanterelles.
Small things scuttle in the coral grottos.
I am so charged with lunar energy,
I think I may be bioluminescent.
When I sing,
the most handsome seahorse
swims to the edge of me
and looks out at me.
I am almost certain
he is the same one
every time.

Blessings to you this Esbat my friends.

Ah, just in case you were hoping to see a few more of those cards...

Major Arcana Sample, Neuzeit Tarot
 Swords & Cups Suit Samples, Neuzeit Tarot

 Pentacles & Wands Suit Samples, Neuzeit Tarot

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Carol Vandelaar said...

Abso-freaking-lutely in love with that poem.

I wish I could be as elqouent.

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