Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Living Animism: Teeny Tiny Artist & Muse

Mosaic by Teeny, Tiny Artist "Unknown."
Mosaic by Teeny, Tiny Artist "Unknown."

Who are the persons in your neighborhood?

I have little interest in continuing the argument with my overly stubborn, temperamental, po-dunk modem & the hiatus from the digital world feels particularly nice right now. Besides, it gives me more time outside & the High Desert seems to have a great deal more to share/teach me than all those strands of data & disembodied voices in the ether...

Many teachers & muses linger about out there in the heat. Whenever I crawl out of my climate controlled cave & face the oven outside, I am rewarded for my initiative. Or something. Sometimes, they are inside too... but I will address that dubious dynamic in the near future. Over all, indoors or outdoors, this time 'round, the majority of the other-than-human persona I meet seem to be quite small. 

Here I begin what I hope will become a series of brief anecdotes about the persons in my neighborhood. I shall start with that of an exceptionally talented & enigmatic creature -- a mystery mini-muse.

Days ago, while hanging laundry on the line, I spied the micro-mosaic work of a really Wee One which led to some creative ideas about crafting, landscaping & also prompted (in part) a lengthy & very pleasant conversation with a clever & talented human person whom I also consider something of a personal muse. What a breathtaking assemblage! What meticulous placement! I do not know the identity of the Wee One who so thoughtfully, skillfully & carefully created this diminutive work of art (though I could toss a guess in the direction of the Mud Dauber clan). The scientists in my life are quite excited about it, as they have never seen anything quite like it -- particularly, something so small. Of course,  I love the smalls, the denizens of the macro world, the Wee Ones & this was a joyful gift of inspiration. Also a mystery. I do love a mystery... Who lies within? 

Could it be that part of the lesson, the mystery & awe of it resides in the not knowing? 


Anonymous said...

If it was from a stream bed, I would have thought it was a Caddis fly .
I find the cloths pin magically significant.
There is a line in June Hymn by the Decemberists that is worth a listen.
Consider the fastener, and attachment.
Surrounding yourself with your environment, Home and Habitat.
Great talking with you, and hearing the praises of the apricot from your young Bard in the background!

Moma Fauna said...


It was a delight speaking with you as well. Let us do that more often & for many years to come.

And the clothespins are very special, but I cannot articulate why.

And I must sleep, for I can no longer think clearly. Rise & shine bright friend. Good night.

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