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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For the Files: Walking Backwards

Also an installment of "Thoughts While Not Sleeping"...

3:33 a.m. Curled up with cat, baby & phone, I troll the internet for writings on animism which I will not actually read because I have a phobia of exposing myself to too much external opinion. I allow for very small doses, but I am afraid if I sit down to thoroughly read anything "authoritative" it will somehow irrevocably alter or skew my own process, worldview &/or practices. I have much trepidation about that phenomena a friend calls, "I can't unlearn that" syndrome. I suppose this explains why I possess "recommended" titles (like Harvey & Louv) but I haven't actually read much more than prefaces, cover material or citations from other sources. This probably makes me a protectionist. Or something.

This also explains why sometimes I prefer to read what the folks on the other side of the fence(s) have to say. Atheism, rationalism & big religion have been dominating the tiny screen tonight. From my cozy vantage point under the blankets I noticed a frequent reference among the ministry websites to animists as:

"the people who walk backwards into the future" 

I presume they mean this to be a condemning characterization, but I can really get behind it. Or in front of it. It's good in so many ways, but especially for balance & the hamstrings, which are generally underworked anyway. 

Cheers to walking backwards... & maybe some sleep.


nurture said...

yes, that's it.. i've heard it called the archaic future.. ohh, i love it!

Moma Fauna said...

"archaic future" i had to look that up. it's a Mary Daly-ism, yes? have you read the book naomi?

Chas said...

Citations, please!

Moma Fauna said...

Gah! The one time I slack on my citations... it was late!
I tried to retrace my wee-hours steps through the ether & found one of the references so far. There were others, but this is perhaps the original source of the phrase(?). "An interview with Mark Chapman, a missionary who tells of using Genesis to reach an animist people."

It's an interesting read -- irritating, but interesting.

If I find the others, I will add them below.

nature said...

yes, i have, i've read all her books! she's a very free thinker.

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