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Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wandering: Curious People-Things. (In the forest.)

Sometimes when we are wandering, we encounter very curious things. Few however, give me more pause, more reason to ponder, imagine & puzzle over than the peculiar "people things" we find in the woods.

Last week, we made a venture to the site of our favourite Amanita muscaria patch. The mushrooms eluded us, but not this mound which, for some reason I had failed to notice on prior visits:

A mossy mound. What a curious people-thing.
Stepping with some hesitancy (these forests are inhabited full-time by large numbers of human folk) around this curious people-thing, I found more to marvel:

Crafty humans. Curious people. Did they built this for fun or out of necessity?

Hubby said it was there last year, but it wasn't so well developed. It  was very rough then, only the skeleton of what it has become. This means someone has been quietly working away at if for over a year now. Very, very curious.

Later in the week, I took The Changeling to hunt fungi. Grumbling to myself about the Russula ransackers, I nearly missed this:

 Just sticks? Or something more? What a curious people-thing.

What is to be the destiny of this people-thing?
For whom was it constructed?

Last night we spent some time with friends at a camp beside Lake Eklutna. What an extraordinary place. We wandered along the shoreline, making discovery after discovery until The Changeling trumped us all with a collection of curious people-things he found in the understory:

Were these offerings he found on the forest floor?
What very, very curious people-things.
There were many similar bundles, all in varying degrees of decay & weathering. There were other objects too; webs & diminutive fences made with sticks, small bed-like, grass-lined spaces bordered with stones & a bottle filled with sand or soil. For some reason, I felt uneasy about photographing the area. In fact, I felt a strong desire to leave it alone -- quickly. So, I took a shot of this bundle, then another for good measure & let these people-things be.

This week's curiosities reminded me of something we found last October while wandering along the trails in midtown. As we came upon this tree, I noticed a peculiar line of colouring illuminated in the harsh Autumn light: 

Upon closer inspection... a two woven, wooly ribbons wound round this tree. Curious.

But what is happening here? 

Below the ribbon, the bark is peeled back & a hole
has been bored into the wood. Very curious indeed.
I am still wondering about that tree. This was not the work of a woodpecker... & what of the ribbon? 

People. What curious creatures. What weird, wondrous things they get up to when they wander, wild in the woodlands. What Woodwose inspires them?


Judy said...

I've found that too many times, the things people leave in the woods should not be there as they should be in the trash/recycle bin...Young men (12to14) usually like to make forts of some type...

Heather said...

I have always had the idea to create little nature shrines out of local natural materials and leave them in places where people might come across them - in the back corner of our local park, along a trail, etc... I've never done it, though. I think these are lovely creations to find in the woods, and rather mysterious as well! Now you have me wondering about who could have created them, and why...

Chas said...

Definitely offerings. The first photo could be what a friend of mine calls a "debris shelter" —  he is the kind who builds them in the woods now and then just because they are more feral than tents. Propped-up sticks — firewood? Hole in the birch looks bird-made to me, but then I am not seeing the totality of it.

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