Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seven Days of Birthday: Day One

Hubby has decided that since I am turning forty this Samhain, I should get seven days of birthday. I think he got the idea from some rant I was having about some ancient celebrations lasting days & days, so why can't we modern folks make the time, yadda, yadda... Lucky for me he listens!

He made a vow to only buy gifts that he could afford with his lunch money, instead of buying from our general household funds. This makes it more meaningful & much harder work! I am excited to see what he has scavenged up for me. 

Today he brought me a curious & amusing little thrift-store gem, The Tarot: A FORTUNE Jigsaw Puzzle. One thousand twenty-six pieces of oracular mayhem. Kitschy & totally awesome. 

I like how she appears to be "moonbathing." Strange place to do it, but I guess anyplace is a good place to bask in Her light.

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