Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thoughts While Nursing: Sketchwork Spellwork & Monitor Meditations

A couple of moons ago, I was struggling with a stressful period of motherhood.  Caring for a new baby with special needs & an attention-starved preschooler (sans Dad), I was slipping into an angry, resentful, unhappy place. I felt I the need to refocus, to get back to a calmer, more peaceful, more competent embodiment of motherhood. Intuitively, I felt I should sit down to visualize, draw & meditate upon the mother I wanted to be. I spent the evening of the full moon nursing baby & sketching by inspiration. The effect was profound & very positive. Any time I felt myself slipping into anger or frustration, I would pause, breathe, & recall this image in my mind. What a simple, yet perfect tool for realigning my spirit & psyche.

More recently, I began experiencing new frustrations while preparing to move. Babies, children & packing are a messy combination, particularly when Dad is absentee (by necessity) & baby is breastfed. My thoughts returned to the drawing & my hopes of coloring it as a meditative working -- the goal of which was to reaffirm & strengthen the manifestation of its intent in my daily life. My husband brought me a beautiful set of pencils, but the task of coloring with a baby in my arms seemed daunting & prone to errors -- not very meditative. It struck me that I could do the work in Photoshop, but I balked at doing magickal workings on the computer. After awhile, I warmed to the idea as pressures increased & serenity became more elusive. What I found was that the digital method requires more time, more working & reworking. It imposed a longer process. This was good & I am pleased with the results, both aesthetically & magickally. 

These "art-workings" are so pleasurable, so effective, & are great for focusing your will. They also have the added benefit of creating an object of beauty. What a delight it would be to try this same technique with sculpture, paints, or even poetry & music. I look forward to working with this method again in the future, hopefully under less stressful circumstances.

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