Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Poetry for the Esbat: Quiet Moon, 2016

XVII: The Moon.  From the Illuminati Tarot by Lo Scarabeo.
XVII: The Moon.
From Tarot Illuminati by Lo Scarabeo.

"Most Witches are in fact elemental vampires who, according to legend, gain their powers from the moon..." -- The Demoniacal

Several Moons ago, he said to me: "Your recent communications about your relationship to energy made me ponder your Luna devotions as she is traditionally yin and cool, and a perfect ground... so I wonder where she is in your current moment.  You missed your full moon post I think for the first time in a long old ... Not a thing for self-recrimination but perhaps significant..."

Ah, you.

It's so annoying how you know me.


Throat Chakra Elemental Activator
By Ashnandoah of DeviantArt.
Since I returned from the High Desert, I have suffered from a case of severe communication paralysis, neglecting everyone who doesn't come at me like a freight train or a crying baby.

But the lapse in exercising my fifth chakra began long before...

And I blame most of it on the drought & heat & fires for the lack of fungi because I can see from the record that this is where it all began. Or ended.

(And no, this is not the "Snow Moon," because we don't have any.)

But the Moon, She doesn't bow to climate change, so I have no explanation for the disconnect save for... what? My spiritual web -- is it that sensitive to changes from one end to the other?

Perhaps a spiritual lifeway, as it becomes truly organic -- that is, of the organism -- also becomes much like any other living system itself. As with our ecosystems, our energetic fields, our planetary wellness, etc. -- alter the balance of one thing & watch the mayhem begin. 

It is worth some thought, anyway. 

And so the poetry for this Esbat illustrates my personal bond with the Moon as silent confidant. She is for me, a little bit like a Star to follow, but also a bit of a recent reflection as well. The model Role Model, in so many ways.

Moonchild, by Christopher Poindexter

There was a reason 
that she was so 
romantic about the moon.

It never asked her 
questions or begged 
for the answers, nor 
did she ever have 
to prove herself to it.

It was always just 
there – breathing, 
and in ways most 
humans can’t understand: 

Blessings to you this Esbat, my friends.


Hetty Awen said...

My favorite post of yours ever.

May I use photographs you've taken from your blog and my multimedia are collages and put your name at the end as one of the people who donated source material ? Which name do you want used ?

Fun moon fact , the moon was as big as Mars when it collided with the earth . A day on earth was about six hours long before the moon showed up and it was a lot hotter on earth . The bits and pieces that formed into the moon created the day that we have and the weather patterns on some levels .

But it is slowly slipping away , moving farther and farther from the planet until one day it will be gone . But what will the effects be, what are the effects now for every one fourth of an inch that the moon, the stabilizer , has already moved?

People focus so much on the phases of the moon like trees but I think about the forest normally and wherever I've been in the world I'm always amazed that it is the exact same moon and that it's the same moon that my ancestors saw and the same moon that people around the world are also seeing . But maybe it wasn't exactly the same, maybe it actually was bigger in the sky when it was closer . I don't see the moon as being fluid , I see the moon as being stable and fixed , it brought itself together with gravity and then created the length of the day and some weather patterns and gave us tides , these are all very stable patterns . I guess I don't see the changes as much as I see the stability of the changes . Day and night high tide low tide , you take it for granted because it is so stable.

I wonder why for Indo-Europeans the moon is male ? Although the moon is a God in some parts of western Africa . For me the moon is Mani, the measurer of time , yes , but more specifically he is the brother of the sun , always female for Indo-Europeans because of bringing life to those in the upper northern hemisphere , bioregional polytheism , everything makes sense . While the sun is very proactive and self-motivated her brother tends to have a wobble sometimes , it gets a little off track , I suppose that is from what even Neolithic circles shown, that 19 year pattern . That pattern where the moon and the sun do something extraordinary every 19 years which I can never put into words but all of the ancients knew about it .

Mani will rescue those that are being trapped unfairly , those who are crying and vulnerable and held against their will , he will take pity upon them and bring them freedom . In the Aspen or Poplartree with that shiny leaves , if you write him a note on one of those leaves he will hear of your distress , of being trapped in abuse , when he goes overhead and the moon light flashes your message .

More than his sister he gets caught by the wolf chasing him and we see the moon bleed red in an ecilpse.

A said...

Such a perfect choice of poem. Words I'll treasure.

Moma Fauna said...

Lovely Miss Heather,

"My favorite post of yours ever." I find this fascinating. People, they never ceases to surprise me in regards to what might turn them on or off. So I wouldn't have guessed, but that's the fun of it. ;)

"May I use photographs you've taken from your blog and my multimedia are collages and put your name at the end as one of the people who donated source material ? Which name do you want used ?" Absolutely. And just in case you hadn't figured it out, you are among those with whom I have wanted communication, but haven't mustered it up. I've been meaning to offer you my permission since you first asked. As to names, I suppose I don't care much anymore, in the sense that Google has erased my anonymity anyway. Nearly all of my photos (that are indeed mine) will have the Moma Fauna watermark. If it doesn't appear in how you use/present them, just roll some dice or something, lol.

"...wherever I've been in the world I'm always amazed that it is the exact same moon and that it's the same moon that my ancestors saw and the same moon that people around the world are also seeing..." Same here, sister. ;)

"I don't see the moon as being fluid , I see the moon as being stable and fixed..." This is an interesting point. I believe the same point was made by one of my beloveds at OWG a couple of years ago. And I confess, I tend to think of the Moon as both, sort of. Like Water, there is form, but also motion.

The gender thing -- So for me, everything associated with Darkness, for the most part, speaks to me of the feminine. This is probably because it is dark in a uterus or an egg. And that's where it all begins, for those of us that breathe, mostly, there in the Dark. The Moon, by default of Her better appearance at Night, then falls into the Dark category. Besides, She listens & I can't say that's a strong skill for most men, lol. (There are exceptions, of course.)

I'll catch you soon with some words. I have some, just need to summon the energies. ;)

Moma Fauna said...


I had a feeling you might relate. ;)

Hetty Awen said...

Hi, I had a feeling I was one of those people , I'm so modest LOL. seriously, I want to know what this art project is because that photograph with the floor , it's one of the most interesting photographs I've ever seen because I know somethings happening but I don't know what and it makes my belly button twitch wanting to get in there .

The longer I am in solitary confinement the more photographs matter on a level that I don't think I ever fully appreciated . I have that one you took of the jellyfish , it's pretty amazing still to me . Not saying the jellyfish, I've seen jellyfish . What is amazing is the way that you saw the jellyfish . You like the color red in small amounts , I wonder if it's from Utah? I just noticed that most of your photographs have something red which is the main thing to look at even though everything else could be beige or green . Have you ever noticed that?

Also if you do crop your photographs , you are really good at cropping . My father a photography professor told me to never take a photograph that needs to be cropped . This was when it was all film and I hung out in darkrooms and course no one wore a mask . But he always said to do your composition when you shoot and I feel like , because the perspective doesn't get screwed up like if you Cropp something , you actually are cropping probably or if you are somehow really good at it .

I don't think I've ever told you anything about your photography before so I just wanted to . Xx

Moma Fauna said...

Miss Heather,

Yes, the communication catch-up is daunting & because we always have SO much to say, you know it gets pushed back as the short & sweet get crossed off the list more readily, lol.

The project on the floor is a piece of Sigil Magick. It was done with charcoal from our wood stove, red brick powder from the house (I believe you are familiar with it ;) ) & talc from the children’s cabinet. It filled the room. I can send you photos of the thing in situ & in full if you would like. My belly button still twitches & I was the one who constructed it.

The jellyfish was in Seward, Alaska, ;)

“I just noticed that most of your photographs have something red…” Now that you mention it, it does seem to be true… but I cannot say I can explain that. Curious indeed.

I love cropping. I will shoot with a certain degree of framing in mind, but I don’t do it like I did when we had to go to the darkroom. (I love that smell, even if it was bad for me.) I don’t manipulate much more than cropping & watermarking these days because my computer that died so epically a couple Autumns ago (you might remember) was the one with Photoshop (cry). But crop, yes. I consider it most permissible in this age of digital photography.

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