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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gurus. And What He Said. (About relationship.) And I Lied (Again).

David Arora & his "Wheel of the Fungi." Girdwood Fungus Fair 2014.
David Arora & his "Wheel of the Fungi." Girdwood Fungus Fair 2014.

I know I already said I'm not into gurus, but maybe I lied.

I just spent the last couple of hours consuming the words & natural, unaffected presence of mycologist David Arora...

He talked about mushroom hunting & how it's really about RELATIONSHIPS.

Relationships between fungi & trees,
And relationships between trees & people,
And relationships between people & people,
And relationship between people & fungi...

And the tears welled up in my eyes,
& my heart exploded.

And then he talked about the differences between freedom & enslavement,
And about the people who can name the trees & those who simply know them,
And the people who live with the forests & those who visit on weekends...

And the tears welled up in my eyes again & I swear they did in his too...

Is this what it is like to encounter a guru?


Anonymous said...

Maybe a rare kindred spirit?

Moma Fauna said...

I wanted to follow him home like a pup.

Chas said...

I am forwarding this to another big fan of Arora's!

Moma Fauna said...

Please do! He is so captivating in his unassuming way. I sat on the edge of my seat & wanted to cry, laugh, hoot all throughout. Afterwards, I introduced him to my family of hunters & thanked him for what he said about relationships & I *swear* he got teary again...
Or maybe he has some optical condition.
Ah, well, gurus. Enigmatic, they are.

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