Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Friday, July 11, 2014

What He Said. (About Magic.)

"The experiences of youth are more relevant, more supportive of the Magic that We share today than Ancient Belief, Popular Occult Fantasy, or Fragmentary Post pagan Secularists and Social Media." -- Bryan Perrin


Yes! Keep speaking our truth my brother.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant -- I went and read Bryan's whole post. Thanks for sharing! Yes, I think it's a sense of wonder that breathes magic into life. And whose sense of wonder is greater than a child's, for whom every shadow is a mystery, every ray of light a revelation, and for whom anything is possible? The child knows less, and in knowing less, knows the moment more.

Moma Fauna said...

Or perhaps they know more about some things which we know less?
And an emphatic yes! -- the wonderment & the open-ness to all-things-possible is the key to their magic, to all magic really, imho. ;)

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