Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Public Animas Ceremony Part 5b(2): Art. Let It In. (And Celebrate the Artists: Lee Harrington)

Continued lessons from the Public Animas Ceremony: An Invitation to Passion.

Lee Harrington, Artist, Educator, Instigator.
Lee Harrington, Artist, Educator, Friend.

If The Vision is true, it will find the right people. Celebrate them.

With great regularity I come across fundraisers, auctions, art shows, etc. featuring varied artworks where there is no mention of the artist contributor as a person. A name, yes. Maybe it is the animist in me, but when I experience art, it usually makes me want to know more about the artist. I think the humans behind the art should be celebrated as much as their work. So, in an effort to do so, we created laminated biographies to accompany each of the bowls that were created for this ceremony. Since the bowls were auctioned off as part of the don't-let-your-ceremony-bankrupt-you strategy, each person who took home a bowl also took home something to help them "know" the artist better. It's all about relationship.

For the next few entries, I will be including the biographies of our artists in an effort to further celebrate them & express our gratitude. Also included are the statements they provided (if provided) about their piece for the Animas Ceremony: An Invitation to Passion.

Lee Harrington: Artist, Instigator, Educator
PassionAndSoul – Anchorage, Alaska

Lee Harrington is an internationally known spiritual and erotic authenticity educator, gender explorer, eclectic artist and award-winning author and editor on human erotic and sacred experience. He is a nice guy with a disarmingly down to earth approach to the fact that we are each beautifully complex ecosystems, and we deserve to examine the human experience from that lens. He’s been traveling the globe (from Seattle to Sydney, Berlin to Boston), teaching and talking about sexuality, psychology, faith, desire and more, and is grateful for the journeys and love he has found along the way. He has been an academic and a female adult film performer, a world class sexual adventurer, an outspoken philosopher, is a kink/bondage expert, and has been blogging about sex and spirituality since 1998.

A fourth generation artist and sexual adventurer, Lee was doomed to become an artist even if he fought against it as often as possible. First his paternal grandmother and great-grandmother were both who’s who world artists, but he said no, I can resist it. Then his mother was a sketch artist, but no, he could resist that too. Then his father handed him a camera and his school put him in a stage show at the age of 7. He gave in.

Processing Transformation by Lee Harrington. See more at his DeviantArt gallery.
Processing Transformation by Lee Harrington.
See more at his DeviantArt gallery.
Photographer, Performance artist, Installation creator, Fire Dancer, Aerial Rope Performer, Burlesque Artist, Stripper, Drag Queen, Clown, Painter, and collaborative fashion designer and sculptor, Lee also looks at his historical work as a Model as a form of performance all its own. He also directs shows from time to time, is the creator of a one man show, takes part in Happenings, Flash Mobs, and Guerrilla Art, MCs, and lives life in the name of art. His sexual life is part of an ongoing life art project that has been being recorded in some way since 1991.

Check out the trouble Lee has been getting into, as well as his regular podcast, tour schedule, free essays, videos and more over at

Within the Green

Multi-Media: Wood, gesso, acrylic

Palm upon palm, layer upon layer. Not only is the world made of layers both seen and unseen, but so are our lives. On this acrylic coated wood bowl, layers of fine paint were brushed and hand-worked in, and handprints of a slightest changes in greens and gold were build up to express these layers upon our lives. Painted out under the Alaska sun, the golds were asked to capture that solar energy. Each life we touch, from the smallest gnats to the largest deities, all leave their handprints upon our lives. These are worked in and held true, deep within the green.

Within the Green by Lee Harrington.
Within the Green by Lee Harrington.

If The Vision is true, it will find the right people. Celebrate them.

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