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Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

For The Files: Morel Dreams.

A note to self, for the files:

Some time in the dissatisfaction of this early morning, after countless awakenings to cat caterwauling, stealing of food & toys on the kitchen counter, Changeling tossing & turning, Little Lad willfully contorting about in my bed because he does not want to sleep alone...
I recall being disappointed in the dream, in whatever happenings had preceded the thought. I walk over a peculiarly green rise as I wander. I can hear the family behind me. This is unusual, since I very rarely dream of them. I am thinking I am done with this dream, that there is nothing here & we are leaving it when I find the most incredible morels growing in great clusters on the far side of the rise. Against the technicolor "grass" they are very large & tall, like quarts of milk. Their dark chocolate brown bodies are accented with a glowing "blogger orange" highlighting  along the network of ridges on the "cap." It seems to me that somehow the dark brown portions are glowing as well. Can dark glow? I feel an overwhelming sense of excitement & satisfaction. I show them to the family. The Lad & I kneel beside them, beaming. Everyone is elated. I am now resolved with this dream & it fades to dark.
I am left wishing I could paint. These mushrooms ought to be manifested somehow, somewhere, beyond my memory. I am also left wondering, am I really that simple? Mushrooms = complete satisfaction?

"Morel encounter" by DevianteFlap of DeviantART.
"Morel encounter" by DevianteFlap of DeviantART.
This looks absolutely nothing like my dream. At all. But I couldn't resist.


feral nature said...

Wonderful dream, I love how you tell it so simply. Oh, I have mushroom pics in my collection, I'll put some of those in a post and maybe one or the other will look like your dream. Very eerie and definitely magical, yes! :)

Karo said...

Hello there :)
I'm really glad that you featured my Mushrooms on your blog ! <3
Thanks a lot ;)
And they perfectly match with the colors of your blog :)

(sorry for my bad english)

Moma Fauna said...

My pleasure Karo! I love your mushrooms & yes, they *do* match the colours perfectly. ;)
Thank you for the visit & comment. By the way, your English is quite fine. ;)

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