Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Art That Made My Day

At Rest, by Laura Marmash 2012
At Rest, by Laura Marmash 2012

Mycophilia, Music, Mood, Musing, Meditation. 

Maybe it is just an excuse to alliterate, but I had the best day yesterday & I just really need to take note & thank Art.

I awakened, not really late or early, but somewhere in between. It was still dark. Before rising, I scrolled thru my reader on the phone to see all the new items I would not have time to read. New news from the The Dark Side of the Shroom caught my eye, prompting me to prop myself up & drag out the laptop. 

"Fruiting Bodies," Sculptural works by Laura Marmash:
"The inspiration for Fruiting Bodies stems from my fascination with fungi, molds and spores. A mushroom is actually the fruiting body of the fungus, and designed to  emerge or “sprout” when the fungi is ready to reproduce. The mushroom itself is just a small part of the overall fungi, and can often signal the breakdown and eventual decay of the host. 
From this decay new life forms are created, and the cycle begins again."


Offering, by Laura Marmash 2012
Offering, by Laura Marmash 2012
Our gentle friend, DJ PapaLove -- who always feeds us so artfully with good food, music & company -- had just uploaded a new mix entitled "Natural Rhythms" the night before. The mix opens with an intense, edgy, maybe harsh clip of Rocky Balboa bellowing about struggle & survival, but then it releases you into a soft, dreamy dubstep which flows out into downtempo, contemplative rhythms. It made my day. It made my day perfect.

Awaken into darkness. Ease out gingerly, thoughtfully, into the light. Do not dwell.

It seems counterintuitive to begin with endings, decay, difficulty, darkness, struggle & survival, but it works. I stick with the things that work for me. I think the premise was well put by my erudite fleshworld friend Nestis when she commented in the last post, "Contemplating the doom of all that lives is what makes me brave enough to really live my life the way I want to. You spoke of people being flames last night... I think that is absolutely true. Burn bright - all the rest is ash."

Respect the darkness, but do not dwell. We do not belong to the Underworld, yet. Reflect, cherish, celebrate. Be strong. Burn bright.

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