Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Friday, July 13, 2012

For OWG. When The Dots Continue to Connect...

...I become less & less convinced that coincidence is a common occurrence.

I arrived home from an early morning appointment with Dr. Specialist (Funny how one moment the sky is falling, then next, not so much.). I was thinking about these people, so I stole a moment to scroll through my reading list to see what I will be missing today. I stop short when I see this guy:

Bryan Perrin of Our Whole Grove.

My dear friend, I didn't know you were such a rockstar.*

I must recommend the article that accompanies this image (especially to the Druids in my neighborhood). Heather Awen's words today actually got me to pin down The Changeling long enough to read the entire thing. Most of her sentiments have been stated before in her blog, but today she puts it all together very succinctly, condensing & clarifying her thoughts -- many of which I share. Ha, now I understand why.

Adventures in Animism: How to Make Ancestral & Bioregional Religions ReUnite

Now, pin down your distractions & go read... the whole thing.

*Not that I am surprised.


Carol Vandelaar said...

Its pretty amazing how everything connects, strand by strand...

Moma Fauna said...

Kinda makes you want to say, "WTF?" Doesn't it? ;)

Bryan Perrin said...

It was the Wolfs Milk That connected us.
It popped up here, my wife gets it identified by our local friends on line.
The same day I find your blog, perhaps through Carol's....
Your post is dated 7-12-11

Moma Fauna said...

Naturally. Slimes are rockstars.
You have been here since the beginning then.
Has it been a year already?

I must thank them the next time I encounter one as we wander.

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