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Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Community Bits: Ms. Tucker & Our Quarterly Newsletter

Since I sometimes use this blog as a scrapbook replacement, I have a couple of community related items to add here. For the files.

First, I am so very pleased to share the illustrious Amazon Druid's poster for our community's Summer Solstice's honoured guest, S. J. Tucker. The poster below is actually for another gig she will be doing in Anchorage, but I figured if anyone in Alaska felt like a good time, they just might hop over to Myrna's that night & support a most delightful artist.

SJ Tucker: Pirates, Pagans & Pride!
SJ Tucker: Pirates, Pagans & Pride! 

  • ACOA Summer Solstice 2012 artwork by Alica Wolter-Hausser
    ACOA Summer Solstice 2012
    artwork by Alica Wolter-Hausser
    If you want more information on the actual Summer Solstice event (a small, remote, outdoor, three-day festival under the Midnight Sun), please visit the Arctic Circle of Anchorage Meetup page. We will be there at least part of the time -- as children & work schedules permit. I think in the future, when The Changeling is a little older, it will be easier for us to attend the entire weekend. I wish that we had more opportunity to participate in making this even happen, but at least we found a way to contribute a little bit from afar. This is one of the drawbacks of living the gypsy life, nearly always the guests, rarely (ok, never) the hosts...

    • Roots & Wings, May 2012
      Roots & Wings, May 2012
      The other community scrap involves the May edition of our community newsletter, Roots & Wings. Crazy busy as I have been, I neglected to make note of this earlier... like when it came out on the 1st. This quarter's publication includes, among other things, an article I wrote about Bioregionalism (which maybe I will eventually post here, but Gah! where is the time?). Also in this edition is a piece exploring the Tarot from a Hellenic Polytheist's perspective, various works of poetry & visual art (several by the ever-talented Alica Wolter-Hausser), an event calendar, detailed information on the upcoming Summer Solstice event, a gardening guide for Alaskans, reflections on community-building & more, but you'll just have to send a note to the Amazon Druid... she can send you the goods, or even put you on the mailing list if you wish to receive more. 

      That's that. Not too long from now we will be reunited with this community. How bittersweet it always feels. Letting go of one beloved, magickal home for another... The preparations are underway.

      Round & round we go.

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