Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transforming "Spiritual Warfare": Day 22 (Iowa)

Photo by B.G. Johnson (CC)
Iowa. Not what I expected. 

It is a good thing I am working from the remediation angle & not the defensive line because between the children, appointments & preparing for an unexpectedly large &  ever-growing Samhain event, I believe I have fallen behind in my mushroom magick by two days... well, ever onward!

I have traveled through Iowa a couple of times (at least) & I have this impression of it that I am sure is far from accurate. Thanks to my myopic view of Iowa, I had serious doubts about the mushroom dream I had for this land. I dreamt of fungi that looked like delicate strap corals, only they were vivid pink. Pink strap corals? I was dubious. I was even more dubious that they would appear in Iowa, because after all, from I-80, Iowa looks alot like alotta corn & not much else. 

So I went & looked up Iowa's mycological society to find these pink string beans from my dream & whoah, Nelly! I need to make a pilgrimage! The photos from Prairie States Mushroom Club (especially their SmugMug Gallery here) took my breath away. I had to do some digging in the SmugMug gallery, but I found these: "What a beautiful coral fungi." The colour is just like in my dream, & although it is not not quite "string bean" in form, it is pretty close. Besides, what is most amazing to me is that these beauties & an enormous array of other completely incredible fungi were found in Iowa. Not what I expected.

Then I went looking for a focal image for Iowa. (See, I did it backwards this time because I was running on all these assumptions about the place.) I found the above image which has the most fantastic story: What do Greenpeace, the Iowa Farmers Union, United Steelworkers, Des Moines Mayor Cownie, and Interfaith Power and Light have in common? Think. Think. Think. Don't know? Well, they all got together in Ames, Iowa, to co-create the above wind-turbine styled crop circle in an effort to capture the attention of Congress & appeal to them to seek renewable energy solutions to global warming (!). Not what I expected.

So, let's keep Iowa unexpected. It's nice that way. Who wants a nutbar theocratic state filled with repressive predictability? I'd rather see freaky fungi & crazy crop circles appearing in that sea of corn... & whatever else is hiding behind all that corn.

Irrepressible Pink,
Saprophytic Fingers 
of Mamma Earth:
Permeate the storm
drain it,
reuse it, 
so be it.

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