Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Transforming "Spiritual Warfare": Day 17 (Kansas)

Coronado Heights, Lindsborg. Historic landmark & natural platform of Dakota Formation sandstone.
Jim Turner / Courtesy Photo, found here.
I have a soft spot for Kansas. My father & I 'discovered' Kansas together while hauling my broken self, the cats & all my worldly possessions across the country -- from the end of a life that would never be, to the beginning of a life that now is. We fell in love with the prairie grasslands & the quirky roadside attractions. It was a journey full of 'if onlys' & 'wish we coulds' & 'too bad we can'ts.' We promised each other that we would return to Kansas someday & visit all the places we could not see with felines & moving truck in tow. I need to give him a reminder.

While wandering across the internet, I discovered yet another  Kansas landmark to be added to our list of 'must see' locales: Mushroom Rock State Park. 

Travel this road:
Photo credit:
Until you reach this sign:
Photo credit:

And there you will find this rock:
Mushroom Rock. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism.

"...Kansas' smallest state park - Mushroom Rock State Park. The 5 acre park is about 2 miles south of the highway on dirt roads that can be very bad after a rain. The park is surrounded by farms and you can usually hear cattle lowing nearby... There are Picnic tables and a rough toilet."

Yes! I can't stop finding reasons to love Kansas. This is why it is so wrong that certain people with nefarious agendas put Kansas under their prayer war spotlight yesterday. I like Kansas the way it is & I don't think a theocracy is going to improve it any.

Lucky me, the fungi visited my dreams again. I awakened from my slumber with a primarily textural memory of the mushrooms present. A peek at the Kaw Valley Mycological Society's website confirmed my suspicions: Calvatia craniformis. It does not have a common name, but you can glean from the Latin name that is generally resembles a (human) skull. Apparently this is the most commonly gathered puffball in Kansas & very popular on dinner tables throughout the state. I did not know this (!). In fact, initially I was annoyed because I had been saving my images of this mushroom for a special dedication to the Moon & I didn't want to have to use one for this post. 

Then it dawned on me... these mushrooms are actually talking to me in my dreams. What am I grumbling about?

Like any good puffball, they are saprobic, so they fit perfectly into my plan. There is an ocean of those quirky little cranuim-shaped mushrooms out there in those gorgeous grasslands. May they retain sanity across the land & keep Kansas free.

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