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Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transforming "Spiritual Warfare": Day 10 (Montana)

Album Cover for Montana-based Fungal Boogieman, found here.

I am not sure why, but I knew from day one that Montana's mycological ally in this spiritual spam-storm would have to be the Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria), also known as the Fly Amanita or Toadstool (among many other names). At the time, I didn't even have official confirmation that they occur there, I was just certain they did. To my delight, my instincts were validated as still reliable. Better still, the Fly Agarics seem to have something of a following among the fungally-inclined folk in Montana. There are even some mycophiles just crazy enough to write a song about them: listen to a clip here.

Yesterday was Montana's day & that was good timing because I have a had a heinous cold. Luckily for me, I have a long-standing rapport with these particular Amanitas & even if I didn't, they are incredibly congenial -- suspiciously so. They are monumentally cheerful & have a wry sense of humour. There is also something deviously playful about them, which likely explains their propensity for being most prolific in places where children abound.

I've talked a great deal about magickal confusion lately & how it is a gentle way to deter the intent of another. This mushroom takes a very different angle on the obfuscation front, rendering things unintelligible in a more direct & powerful manner. The Fly Agaric contains a chemical called ibotenic acid which the human body metabolizes into muscimol -- this is apparently one of the oldest known intoxicants. Its use for religious & medicinal purposes around the world is well documented & some experts point to its identity as the “Soma” plant of the sacred Hindu texts (Rg Vedas). Others have advanced the theory that Amanita muscaria might have been one of the components of the "flying ointments" mentioned in Witch-trial documents. Non-human animals are known to partake of them as well; moose consume them in volumes & observers of Siberian reindeer say it seems to “make them happy” while also possibly having some medicinal value. 

The Fly Agaric earned its common name for its use in fly traps. Soak the mushroom in water or milk in which sugar has been added. The flies will consume the sweet treat & be stupified, but not killed by the Agaric’s compounds. Interesting. Apparently, people who consume Fly Agaric have a high frequency of thinking they are Jesus. This makes me wonder. Who do you think the flies think they are? The reindeer? Ah, but I digress...

There's a bunch of great folklore surrounding these critters but this isn't really the place for that discussion. Besides, if I wandered off on that tangent, I would be giving in to their powers. Perhaps another day. For now, let us leave our trust in them to effectively outfox, deter, transmute & discombobulate the highly questionable intent of the prayer warriors.

The Fine Print: (I suppose I have to include this also.) I, Moma Fauna have written this post in relation to my own personal dialog with the Fly Amanitas as Earth spirits, not as shamanic devices. I am not promoting the consumption, ingestion, or otherwise partaking of these mushrooms. Amanita muscaria's effect on individual people is unpredictable & varies with differing body chemistries. Additionally, each mushroom’s chemical composition is as individual as each person’s body composition -- this promises uncertain results. Effects can vary from none to vivid dreams to extreme discomfort (ala nausea & vomiting). It is quite possibly toxic &/or lethal in large quantities. 

Mind-bendingly cute.
Now that we're done with all that disclaimer stuff, I can't not include the lyrics to the "Fly Agaric" song from the "Fungal Boogie" album by Zoe Woods & Larry Evans. See more about it here.  

Fly Agaric!
words by Larry Evans, music by Zoe Wood

Tell ya my friend
There’s nothing scarier
Than the buzz of Amanita muscaria
Red cap has a history
of rituals and mystery

Fly agaric Fly agaric
What the heck’s a fly agaric?
Fly Agaric, fly agaric
Amanita muscaria, the Fly agaric!

Santa’s costumes red and white-a
like that flying Amanit-a
You may wonder, but Santa knows why
All those silly reindeer fly

Fly agaric Fly agaric
Make those reindeer fly Agaric!
Fly agaric Fly agaric
Amanita muscaria the Fly agaric!

Red caps and milk or even water
Works better than an old fly swatter
Flies will land and take a sip
Stop their buzzing and start to twitch!

Fly agaric Fly agaric
Stop those buzzing flies agaric
Fly agaric Fly agaric
Muxhamor the Fly agaric!

Russians call it Muxhamor,
It’s a room without a door
If you eat just three or four
You won’t recall
who you were before

Fly agaric Fly agaric
Who the heck am I Agaric?
Muxhamor, the Fly agaric!
Fly agaric Fly agaric
Muxhamor the Fly agaric!

Muxhamor, Muxhamor Muxhamor, Muxhamor Muxhamor, Muxhamor, Muxhamor 

Photo credits: All photos in this post are mine, with the exception of the "Fungal Boogieman."


Eyem Herdad said...

Beautiful plants and a Devine intoxicant!

Where did you find these lovely 'Ladies in Red' in Montana?


Eyem Herdad said...

I bought their book, read it with a open mind, it changed my life!

I even went and met them and had a Soma session. Just amazing!

These Mushrooms are The greatest plant food on Earth.

Do read their book.

Moma Fauna said...


This particular project, the "Spiritual Warfare" magick, was structured so in such a way that I had to find out what fungi were found in a particular place, but they also had to be fungi I had met personally before. So, I personally have not found the Fly Agarics in Montana, but I found plenty of documentation of them in Montana via mycology websites. The photos of the Fly Agarics above were taken in Alaska where I live part of the year. We have them in droves & I agree, they are divine!

Moma Fauna said...

Thank you for the link. I *will* read the book. I just finished Ruck's "Sacred Mushrooms of the Goddess" myself -- very interesting connections. ;)

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